The Grind Continues. Am I Doing This Right?

The alarm went off at 3:15am this morning. Welcome to the grind indeed. I had to make sure there were plenty of hours to put today into the masterpiece category. Then again, have you ever read something that was timely in just the right way? I started reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a… Continue reading The Grind Continues. Am I Doing This Right?

Welcome to the Grind

I spent time today fretting about how I was going to make the day into that “masterpiece” I promised. Potential excuses started percolating early on. They were nearly perfected by lunch. But then I remembered I’d be sitting here tonight. Measuring myself against yesterday. So I got to work. And moved the ball forward. Across… Continue reading Welcome to the Grind

Turning Our Lives Into Art Museums

Yesterday I put a statement out on the internet that I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to back up. The task? Find non-negotiable metrics for qualifying each individual day as a “masterpiece” for the next 30 days. Simple. Or is it? Shit. Okay, maybe first consider the highest ROI activities available today that… Continue reading Turning Our Lives Into Art Museums

Making Each Day a Masterpiece

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden won 10 national championships in 12 years as head coach. No other major college athletics coach can boast accomplishments that come close to this. A consummate coach and educator of people, Wooden’s wisdom and ability to motivate has filled up numerous books on sports, leadership and winning culture. If… Continue reading Making Each Day a Masterpiece

Dad, Snakes and Baseball Cards

My father had many qualities, but patience was not chief among them. I made money as a kid by scouring the woods on the golf course where we lived, finding golf balls, cleaning them up, and then selling them on the weekends. To find them, I went rooting through the hot woods for those balls,… Continue reading Dad, Snakes and Baseball Cards

Caller ID: The Remix

A couple weeks ago, my new friend Jeremy Ginn posted a short audio clip titled caller id. Listen to it here: I cannot stop thinking about it. What do people think when my name pops up on the caller id? Do they smile? Do they groan? Do they even know what to think at… Continue reading Caller ID: The Remix

Have Someone To Tell You When You Suck

Yesterday, I posted an essay that I would not consider my finest work. It wasn’t my first. It won’t be my last. Although I will try and avoid making the same mistakes. I got some head nods of approval because people are polite. Then my accountability partner sent me a 4-paragraph “WTF” message. Perhaps I… Continue reading Have Someone To Tell You When You Suck

Strategize Your Life Like an Old Prussian War Philosopher and Win More Battles Within

The Prussian War Philosopher Carl von Clausewitz wrote at length about a comprehensive approach to geopolitics he coined “grand strategy”. This way of thinking encompasses the motivations, risks and rewards from any endeavor. We live in distracted times. Our two most precious commodities are time and energy. How do we maximize our time and energy… Continue reading Strategize Your Life Like an Old Prussian War Philosopher and Win More Battles Within