What Tupac and Shakespeare Really Think About You

Keen judges of the human condition throughout history have understood an ancient and still underused superpower. The power of knowing thyself. The ancient Greeks inscribed it at the Oracle at Delphi, reading “Know thyself and ye shall know the Gods and the Universe.” One of the most famous lines from Shakespeare’s most famous play, Hamlet,… Continue reading What Tupac and Shakespeare Really Think About You

Has One Day Ever Clarified Things Above All Others? Here is mine.

Apparently, my dad died just after I got off the phone with the nurse. When my brother called a few minutes later to tell me our father has passed I thought he was playing some weird, sick joke. But alas no. Dad was gone. And in some strange way, so was my fear of disappointment.… Continue reading Has One Day Ever Clarified Things Above All Others? Here is mine.

How a Parking Garage Changed My Life. Wait. What?

I met my wife in a parking garage. WAIT. I promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds. And this story is not really about parking garages. A least not so much about the literal ones. More on that in a minute, we won’t keep my wife waiting. So yeah, we met in a parking… Continue reading How a Parking Garage Changed My Life. Wait. What?

The Taxi Story

Several years ago, I took a taxi home one night from a black-tie event at the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Feeling inspired by the elegant Rotunda and having imbibed a few cocktails, I was feeling talkative and a bit philosophical. I was just about to finish business school, was doing objectively well in most… Continue reading The Taxi Story

The Slight Edge

One of the best bosses I ever worked for said this book changed his life. In the opening parable of the book, written by Jeff Olsen, he tells the story about a water hyacinth, which grows at a prodigious rate. Skipping to the end, the point of the parable is that even with a prodigious… Continue reading The Slight Edge

One Problem at a Time, Sarge

The guy who said this should have died in a fiery explosion. In the book, Inside Delta Force, by Eric Haney, he describes a scene from the failed hostage rescue from Tehran in 1980. After the mission had been scuttled, the operators were waiting to fly back to allied territory when one of the large… Continue reading One Problem at a Time, Sarge

Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

The other day, I referenced the line, “the shortcut is a lie”. This was taken from Jocko Willink’s book, Discpline Equals Freedom: Field Manual. For one thing, it’s a cool ass looking book. The silhouette of Jocko on the front cover is tactical as all hell. This book is one of the ones that helped… Continue reading Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

4 Lessons Gardening Taught Me About Living Well

What if all you needed was the right mixture of water and sunshine to become the best possible version of yourself? Gardening quickly became a favorite pastime during Covid, but it’s reminded me of interesting parallels between the lives of plants and humans. Preparation and Details While there are few overall ingredients, there are many… Continue reading 4 Lessons Gardening Taught Me About Living Well

It Sucks to Suck. So I Got Better.

Last year I found myself at an unhealthy crossroads. I had turned 37. It had occurred to me that if I did not like this unhealthy condition I was in, it was on me to change it. Don’t like it? Get better. So being basic, I wrote down 37 goals. Some would be minor stretches.… Continue reading It Sucks to Suck. So I Got Better.

The Shortcut is a Lie

Inspiration and tagline credit to Jocko Willink. @jockowillink Even in today’s hypercompetitive world, the extra mile is a lonely road. It always has been. In the past, people lacked tools to put them on a competitive playing field. Today, people lack will, attention, and discipline. Because we are so conditioned to get our way. Quickly.… Continue reading The Shortcut is a Lie