Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 4

I told my friend there was no way I was going to sell books for a living. Hello ego my old friend. The universe has a funny way of working itself out sometimes. With my attitude and confidence restored, things fell into place quickly. I finally got out of my own way and welcomed help… Continue reading Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 4

Feeding the Good Wolf Part 3

When we left off, there was that whole “oh shit” moment when my wife showed me the pregnancy test. My attitude shifted immediately. The zoom out button had been clicked, and it was clear I had to do something; anything really. I took an entry level sales and marketing job at a fitness club, which… Continue reading Feeding the Good Wolf Part 3

Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 2

When we left off dear reader, I was wallowing in misery. Pride had been my undoing. That same overconfidence also led to an attitude that whatever was going to happen would be through my own efforts by damn. Then came a horrifying realization I had even been too proud to accept help from people who… Continue reading Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 2

Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 1

I used to sell missiles, now I sell books. Legit swords to plowshares. Besides death, taxes, and human stupidity, the only other reliable constant is change. When my wife and I left Washington, DC for Ohio a few years ago, I was riding fairly high and feeling good about myself. I had just finished business… Continue reading Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 1

The Wolves Within

It’s less than an hour to midnight. My wife and I just got home from an evening out with friends. It was more or less like normal, at least what normal used to mean. The sunset splashed brilliant colors across the horizon tonight as we ate, drank and made merry with friends, content in parenthood… Continue reading The Wolves Within

Henry David Thoreau is our Daddy.

Al Pacino’s character Coach Tony D’Amato gives a speech in the movie “Any Given Sunday” about how life, just like football, is a game of inches. He goes on about how slim the margins are between victory and defeat, about how games, lives and even destinies are won and lost by mere fractions of inches.… Continue reading Henry David Thoreau is our Daddy.

Pessimism is so retro, but not in the good way.

Guess whether this quote is from 1775 or last year in 2020. Five years have seldom passed away in which some book has not been published pretending to demonstrate that the wealth of the nation was fast declining … manufacturing decaying, and trade undone. Adam Smith wrote that in the Wealth of Nations in, you… Continue reading Pessimism is so retro, but not in the good way.

Caveat Emptor

Is going to an 11/10 too much for optimism? It could be. Allow me take off these rose-colored glasses for a moment. For nearly a week, I have been super gung-ho about optimism. It’s been exhausting. Let’s step back and read the terms and conditions. A decidedly unoptimistic thing to do if you ask me.… Continue reading Caveat Emptor


Tying this all together, let’s go over to the experts… The week of my wedding I went to see the Dalai Lama speak in College Park, Maryland. I wish I could report, in bulletized format, the wisdom that His Holiness imparted. But it was his smile and that little laugh that sticks with me to… Continue reading Ethos


Is there one ring to rule them all? Perhaps. We are always on the lookout for the ONE thing. Well, here it is: Optimistic people live longer and happier. That’s it. That’s the tweet. But that got me thinking. Why is optimism such a powerful force? Consider these: • Positive people straight up live longer.… Continue reading Logos