Take Action and Do the Damn Thing

There is one thing that can change our lives in an instant. Taking action. It seems so simple. But most of us know it’s not so simple. If it was so simple, we’d all be living our best lives as the best versions of ourselves. But it’s not. And we aren’t. Usually because courageously taking… Continue reading Take Action and Do the Damn Thing

Don’t Be Like Old Me. Start Today.

I could die today. So could you. It’s unlikely thankfully. But it’s possible. Our lives are marvelous gifts. And if we use them correctly, they can make for wonderful adventures. We are guaranteed nothing. So do the shit that fires you up today. We could fail at stuff we don’t want to do, so you… Continue reading Don’t Be Like Old Me. Start Today.

Don’t Like It? Get Better.

That phrase probably saved my life. A pithy comment from an irreverent television show about fantasy football saved my life. I don’t even like fantasy football that much. It struck me that if I did not like the situation I was in, it was incumbent on me to change it. And that left two choices;… Continue reading Don’t Like It? Get Better.

Henry David Thoreau is our Daddy.

Al Pacino’s character Coach Tony D’Amato gives a speech in the movie “Any Given Sunday” about how life, just like football, is a game of inches. He goes on about how slim the margins are between victory and defeat, about how games, lives and even destinies are won and lost by mere fractions of inches.… Continue reading Henry David Thoreau is our Daddy.