Achieve Anything. Say “F” the Zero

Do you want to get something done? Work on it every day. All you have to do is do it. Have no tolerance for “zero” days; those days when you make no progress. Consider your goals: You want to get stronger? Do things to make yourself stronger. Do something. Can’t make it to the gym?… Continue reading Achieve Anything. Say “F” the Zero

Caller ID: The Remix

A couple weeks ago, my new friend Jeremy Ginn posted a short audio clip titled caller id. Listen to it here: I cannot stop thinking about it. What do people think when my name pops up on the caller id? Do they smile? Do they groan? Do they even know what to think at… Continue reading Caller ID: The Remix

How Identifying My Core Values Saved Me Countless Hours

The most important step to getting what we want in life is the simplest. Decide what you want. By determining what is most important, we simplify the decision making in our life. Explicitly deciding what we want gives us a filter through which we can determine how we spend our time and energy, the two… Continue reading How Identifying My Core Values Saved Me Countless Hours