One Problem at a Time, Sarge

The guy who said this should have died in a fiery explosion. In the book, Inside Delta Force, by Eric Haney, he describes a scene from the failed hostage rescue from Tehran in 1980. After the mission had been scuttled, the operators were waiting to fly back to allied territory when one of the large… Continue reading One Problem at a Time, Sarge

Interlude of Gratitude

I recently spent the morning before work writing thank you cards. The holidays are long gone, my birthday was months ago, and my wedding was nearly a decade ago. WTF right?!? Even though I guess you could say I sent these thank you cards in return for gifts, these particular gifts weren’t given for any… Continue reading Interlude of Gratitude

How I Lost 60 Lbs Feeding the Good Wolf

One day last May, I sharply scolded my son. His crime? Knocking over some blocks. He was two. Luckily, it was also just the “oh shit” moment I needed. Have you ever realized you are on your way to becoming the worst version of yourself? My second child was the on the way. I’d grown… Continue reading How I Lost 60 Lbs Feeding the Good Wolf

Feeding the Good Wolf Part 3

When we left off, there was that whole “oh shit” moment when my wife showed me the pregnancy test. My attitude shifted immediately. The zoom out button had been clicked, and it was clear I had to do something; anything really. I took an entry level sales and marketing job at a fitness club, which… Continue reading Feeding the Good Wolf Part 3


Tying this all together, let’s go over to the experts… The week of my wedding I went to see the Dalai Lama speak in College Park, Maryland. I wish I could report, in bulletized format, the wisdom that His Holiness imparted. But it was his smile and that little laugh that sticks with me to… Continue reading Ethos

Don’t Fight the Intro

For years I found every reason to not get started. I fought the intro. Don’t wait to get started on things. Start today. Don’t fight the intro. 350 days ago, I was blessed to finally be disgusted with myself enough to change, precisely as the world was coming apart at the seams. I was overweight,… Continue reading Don’t Fight the Intro