The Homestretch

Tomorrow we go home for the final stretch of 2021. Christmas is in the books. It was wonderful to see family and friends, and our hearts and stomachs are totally full. All we have left is a couple hectic days of work. The sales game only stops when the clock runs out. While the final… Continue reading The Homestretch

Caller ID: The Remix

A couple weeks ago, my new friend Jeremy Ginn posted a short audio clip titled caller id. Listen to it here: I cannot stop thinking about it. What do people think when my name pops up on the caller id? Do they smile? Do they groan? Do they even know what to think at… Continue reading Caller ID: The Remix

Have Someone To Tell You When You Suck

Yesterday, I posted an essay that I would not consider my finest work. It wasn’t my first. It won’t be my last. Although I will try and avoid making the same mistakes. I got some head nods of approval because people are polite. Then my accountability partner sent me a 4-paragraph “WTF” message. Perhaps I… Continue reading Have Someone To Tell You When You Suck

The End of the Beginning

Today is the final day of Ship30for30 and with it, the first 30 days of content for this website. I joined a cohort-based writing course to simply summon the courage to hit the publish button. I figured inertia would then take over. Box checked. So, I’ll be writing and publishing content for the next 500… Continue reading The End of the Beginning