The Crucible

It is said that Napoleon would walk amongst his soldiers on the nights before battle. He would stop to talk to his men, to share a joke, to explain their objectives, and to encourage those who needed it. The next day, his army would be convinced and willing to go to battle under the direction… Continue reading The Crucible

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Have you ever lost your way without a good excuse? That happened to me and I’m going to write about how I got out of that pit. I didn’t like it, I got better. Let’s talk about that. If you are a little bit unhealthy, I was there in a bad way last year and… Continue reading Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

The Slight Edge

One of the best bosses I ever worked for said this book changed his life. In the opening parable of the book, written by Jeff Olsen, he tells the story about a water hyacinth, which grows at a prodigious rate. Skipping to the end, the point of the parable is that even with a prodigious… Continue reading The Slight Edge