Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Have you ever lost your way without a good excuse? That happened to me and I’m going to write about how I got out of that pit. I didn’t like it, I got better. Let’s talk about that. If you are a little bit unhealthy, I was there in a bad way last year and… Continue reading Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Why Vacations Matter Now Even More Than Ever

It takes a couple days to decompress and actually get into vacation mode these days. I know. First world problems. The absolute truth of it is I’ve always taken these for granted. But I shouldn’t. And neither should you. Think about it. Why do we take vacations? We take vacations for mental timeouts. To get… Continue reading Why Vacations Matter Now Even More Than Ever

The Journey Continues…

After avoiding the streak-buster yesterday, I feel rejuvenated. It was like working out when you just don’t feel like. Meaning it was harder to get started, harder to execute in the moment and you don’t even feel that great about the work you did after the fact. And then the sun comes up the next… Continue reading The Journey Continues…

My Personal Rosetta Stone

On day 71, I found something I had been looking for all along. With the help of some good people I met on Twitter through Ship30for30, that something I found was the reason I’m here. When I started writing online, I somehow harbored these unearned delusions of grandeur that my audience was just waiting for… Continue reading My Personal Rosetta Stone