Dad, Snakes and Baseball Cards

My father had many qualities, but patience was not chief among them. I made money as a kid by scouring the woods on the golf course where we lived, finding golf balls, cleaning them up, and then selling them on the weekends. To find them, I went rooting through the hot woods for those balls,… Continue reading Dad, Snakes and Baseball Cards

No Days Off. The New Paradigm.

Yesterday felt like the sad last day of school. And it was a wonderful feeling. It was the satisfied and thankful kind of sad. On the other side of ship30for30, maybe it’s time to reassess. The best part about reaching goals is that you realized you had what it took all along. Then you start… Continue reading No Days Off. The New Paradigm.

The End of the Beginning

Today is the final day of Ship30for30 and with it, the first 30 days of content for this website. I joined a cohort-based writing course to simply summon the courage to hit the publish button. I figured inertia would then take over. Box checked. So, I’ll be writing and publishing content for the next 500… Continue reading The End of the Beginning

Has One Day Ever Clarified Things Above All Others? Here is mine.

Apparently, my dad died just after I got off the phone with the nurse. When my brother called a few minutes later to tell me our father has passed I thought he was playing some weird, sick joke. But alas no. Dad was gone. And in some strange way, so was my fear of disappointment.… Continue reading Has One Day Ever Clarified Things Above All Others? Here is mine.

How a Parking Garage Changed My Life. Wait. What?

I met my wife in a parking garage. WAIT. I promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds. And this story is not really about parking garages. A least not so much about the literal ones. More on that in a minute, we won’t keep my wife waiting. So yeah, we met in a parking… Continue reading How a Parking Garage Changed My Life. Wait. What?

The “First” Last Day of School

Today was my oldest child’s very first last-day-of-school. I didn’t expect to go here today, but a thought has been captivating me since yesterday. I want to thank those other parents out there who have been writing about graduations, life events, and changes of all kinds. It has been so enlightening to read stories of… Continue reading The “First” Last Day of School

How I Lost 60 Lbs Feeding the Good Wolf

One day last May, I sharply scolded my son. His crime? Knocking over some blocks. He was two. Luckily, it was also just the “oh shit” moment I needed. Have you ever realized you are on your way to becoming the worst version of yourself? My second child was the on the way. I’d grown… Continue reading How I Lost 60 Lbs Feeding the Good Wolf

The Wolves Within

It’s less than an hour to midnight. My wife and I just got home from an evening out with friends. It was more or less like normal, at least what normal used to mean. The sunset splashed brilliant colors across the horizon tonight as we ate, drank and made merry with friends, content in parenthood… Continue reading The Wolves Within

Henry David Thoreau is our Daddy.

Al Pacino’s character Coach Tony D’Amato gives a speech in the movie “Any Given Sunday” about how life, just like football, is a game of inches. He goes on about how slim the margins are between victory and defeat, about how games, lives and even destinies are won and lost by mere fractions of inches.… Continue reading Henry David Thoreau is our Daddy.

Pessimism is so retro, but not in the good way.

Guess whether this quote is from 1775 or last year in 2020. Five years have seldom passed away in which some book has not been published pretending to demonstrate that the wealth of the nation was fast declining … manufacturing decaying, and trade undone. Adam Smith wrote that in the Wealth of Nations in, you… Continue reading Pessimism is so retro, but not in the good way.