The Man in the Mirror

It’s not just a Michael Jackson song. It was a pivot point for me. A year ago this week, I had that uncomfortable look in the mirror. You might know the one, but I hope you don’t. It’s the one where you ask yourself how this happened. That day, I made an ultimatum with myself.… Continue reading The Man in the Mirror

Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 4

I told my friend there was no way I was going to sell books for a living. Hello ego my old friend. The universe has a funny way of working itself out sometimes. With my attitude and confidence restored, things fell into place quickly. I finally got out of my own way and welcomed help… Continue reading Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 4

Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 1

I used to sell missiles, now I sell books. Legit swords to plowshares. Besides death, taxes, and human stupidity, the only other reliable constant is change. When my wife and I left Washington, DC for Ohio a few years ago, I was riding fairly high and feeling good about myself. I had just finished business… Continue reading Feeding the Good Wolf – Part 1