Why Progress and Renewal Rituals Both Matter Every Damn Weekend

Once we commit to actually go after the things that inspire us the most, our lives start to change. Those things we “should” do turn into the things we “must” do. Happy thoughts and delusions of grandeur are replaced by action and progress. We find ourselves on the path; protagonists of our own hero’s journey.… Continue reading Why Progress and Renewal Rituals Both Matter Every Damn Weekend

Progress on the Primrose Path

Some days, if we are lucky, we can feel the progress we are making. A new method at work finally clicks. We hit a new personal best in our fitness goals. Practice on the putting greens finally manifests itself on the scorecard. Clear, measurable progress is attained. And all those hours of study. Of practice.… Continue reading Progress on the Primrose Path

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Weekend.

When you decide what you want from your life, your time and energy become priceless commodities. You start to align your actions with your goals. You start becoming one of those people that “puts in the work” or “gets shit done”. Progress, formerly an elusive figure, becomes a constant companion. The days become longer, but… Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen, the Weekend.

Running in the Sand

I spent a weekend away with my wife (left the kids with grandparents – thank y’all so much) in Fort Lauderdale. It was a wild weekend to say the least. We have two young children. We had great meals and talked about our kids the entire time. Then we took naps. I suppose we also… Continue reading Running in the Sand

It Sucks to Suck. So I Got Better.

Last year I found myself at an unhealthy crossroads. I had turned 37. It had occurred to me that if I did not like this unhealthy condition I was in, it was on me to change it. Don’t like it? Get better. So being basic, I wrote down 37 goals. Some would be minor stretches.… Continue reading It Sucks to Suck. So I Got Better.

Don’t Like It? Get Better.

That phrase probably saved my life. A pithy comment from an irreverent television show about fantasy football saved my life. I don’t even like fantasy football that much. It struck me that if I did not like the situation I was in, it was incumbent on me to change it. And that left two choices;… Continue reading Don’t Like It? Get Better.