Raising Sales With Ship 30 for 30

Setting Sales with Ship 30 for 30 I work in sales. I used to sell missiles, now I sell software and honest-to-goodness physical print books to lawyers. So it goes I guess.  As I was working on my end of year forecast today, I noticed a fascinating trend. When I started my Ship30 journey, I… Continue reading Raising Sales With Ship 30 for 30

Another Day, Another Egg on My Face Meeting with a Mentor

Last night, I wrote about how there was this feeling that things were stacking up. I went on about how I went on a walk and formulated a plan that was going to get me back on top of my game. Then today happened. Feeling reasonably confident in my newfound energy, I went into a… Continue reading Another Day, Another Egg on My Face Meeting with a Mentor

The Crucible

It is said that Napoleon would walk amongst his soldiers on the nights before battle. He would stop to talk to his men, to share a joke, to explain their objectives, and to encourage those who needed it. The next day, his army would be convinced and willing to go to battle under the direction… Continue reading The Crucible

Closer to the Ideal Day

You know those ideal day exercises that are so popular? I feel like I got kind of close today. First, I picked up my little dudes from camp and school. The littlest one is sick again, so he’s not having a great time. He’s still a sweet little baby though and I didn’t mind picking… Continue reading Closer to the Ideal Day