Don’t Fight the Intro

For years I found every reason to not get started.

I fought the intro.

Don’t wait to get started on things.

Start today.

Don’t fight the intro.

350 days ago, I was blessed to finally be disgusted with myself enough to change, precisely as the world was coming apart at the seams. I was overweight, unhealthy, unfocused and by most measures; unhappy.

I was lost in the Wilderness.

Fortunately, there was one of those “long, hard look in the mirror” moments.

I started turning my “should’s” into “musts”.

Day by day, things started to improve. I got healthier; lost 50 pounds, got back into running and golfing, made improvements to my diet, and cut out alcohol. I sleep better than I have in twenty years.

I let go of that toxic ego which allowed relationships to begin healing and new friendships to blossom.

Then my mother got cancer. Then my wife and I had another baby. Then my father passed away.

Reclaiming my health put me back in touch with the best aspects of myself when I needed them the most. Instead of wallowing, what happened was a reawakening of sorts. A reminder that our time is finite and unknowable. That the clock is ticking.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows” Ralph Marston.

Today I embark on a journey to begin sharing ideas with the world. Join me as we find the answers together.

What are you going to do today to change your tomorrows?

Today is Day 1 of Ship 30 for 30.

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