How I Lost 60 Lbs Feeding the Good Wolf

One day last May, I sharply scolded my son. His crime? Knocking over some blocks. He was two.

Luckily, it was also just the “oh shit” moment I needed.

Have you ever realized you are on your way to becoming the worst version of yourself?

My second child was the on the way. I’d grown stale. My health was suffering, my relationships were suffering. The world was getting crazy, and I was not rising to the challenge. And in that moment, I’d had enough.

I had one of those movie-scene looks in the mirror. They are decidedly far less cool in real life.

It’s weird looking back, but that was the moment I finally got tired of mailing it in.

I went on a run that afternoon. It sucked. I’ve run almost every other day religiously since then.

Starting with exercising again, it gave me incentive to start eating a little better. Because I was active and eating less junk, I started sleeping better. Because I was sleeping better, I felt more energetic throughout the day. Because I was more energetic throughout the day, I was more productive in every facet of my life.

And day by day, week by week, I got healthier. And every small victory added to my confidence.

So here we go.

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