The “First” Last Day of School

Today was my oldest child’s very first last-day-of-school.

I didn’t expect to go here today, but a thought has been captivating me since yesterday.

I want to thank those other parents out there who have been writing about graduations, life events, and changes of all kinds. It has been so enlightening to read stories of the last days of elementary school, of anxious transitions to high school, going to prom in the time of Covid, or even making college selections.

Reading those poignant words about the last times they get to do things with their children hit all the feels. And it gave the very first “last day of school” even more meaning. It was a Ferris Bueller moment and all of that “life moves pretty fast” stuff.

I have so many firsts to look forward to. So many milestones yet to come. Challenges to be surmounted, and some disappointments as well for sure. And also, the successes; the epiphanies, the victories and the laughter. Oh God, the laughter.

I find myself a fortunate person these days. And I am so thankful that I realized the power, the magic, and ultimately the fleeting nature of these special moments.

To all those out there sharing your stories, you have given me the priceless gift of perspective without experience, of wisdom without pain. My life will be richer because of this. I hope yours is too.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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