How Identifying My Core Values Saved Me Countless Hours

The most important step to getting what we want in life is the simplest.

Decide what you want.

By determining what is most important, we simplify the decision making in our life. Explicitly deciding what we want gives us a filter through which we can determine how we spend our time and energy, the two most precious commodities we possess.

Simplifying our decision making can save ourselves countless hours of overthinking and inaction. It reduces our decision fatigue because the decision has already been made. We more easily avoid the trap of action vs. progress.

Important: Don’t worry about getting them perfect on the first draft. Your thinking will become more articulate as you spend more time homing in on what matters most.

These will be different for everybody, here are mine.

1. Live a great love story with my wife

2. Love, mentor and be there for my children

3. Have a career I am proud of

4. Maintain and improve personal health and fitness

5. Nurture lifelong learning orientation and curiosity

6. Achieve financial freedom young enough to enjoy it

7. Leave a legacy that is better than I found it

Once your ambitions are crystal clear, the actions needed to realize them become far less complicated.

Jack Butcher said, “In a world of infinite distraction, focus is the only path to freedom.

Focus gives us power.

Focusing on what matters most gives us the power to change lives.

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