Interlude of Gratitude

I recently spent the morning before work writing thank you cards.

The holidays are long gone, my birthday was months ago, and my wedding was nearly a decade ago.

WTF right?!?

Even though I guess you could say I sent these thank you cards in return for gifts, these particular gifts weren’t given for any occasion or holiday.

I was thanking them for being mentors, for being colleagues, for being family, for being new friends and for being old friends. I was thanking them for their wisdom, for their time, for their care, their consideration, their generosity and their love.

I was thanking them for being part of my life.

To be honest, I included a short note in several of them (that it’s okay and I’m not dying).

I just wanted them to know I valued their contribution to who I was, who I am and who I hope to become.

All in all, I felt happy about putting the good feelings out into the world.

But the universe knows.

I work in the type of sales role where the scoreboard gets reset to zero on the first of the month. As I finished the thank you cards, I logged in to work to find an especially lucrative deal come to fruition.

The universe knows.

Gratitude may not have ultimately been what closed a profitable deal; but somehow things seem to work out better when we are gracious.

When we start counting our blessings, we always seem to find more.

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