The Shortcut is a Lie

Inspiration and tagline credit to Jocko Willink. @jockowillink

Even in today’s hypercompetitive world, the extra mile is a lonely road. It always has been.

In the past, people lacked tools to put them on a competitive playing field. Today, people lack will, attention, and discipline.

Because we are so conditioned to get our way. Quickly.

Get rich quick schemes, 8-Minute Abs, microwave everything, same-day delivery, on-demand television, 7-Minute Abs, etc. You see where I’m going here.

For some reason, we have the same expectations of short timelines for our most audacious challenges.

Far too often, we take the path of least resistance, the easy route. We seek the go-around, the short cut.

Because we desperately want to believe the lie.

We want to believe there is a way to win without sacrifice. We want to believe that overnight success is possible.

Because then it could be us.

We like to ask these people how they did it. What did they do? What was their secret?

The big secret is there is no big secret.

The shortcut is a lie.

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