Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

The other day, I referenced the line, “the shortcut is a lie”. This was taken from Jocko Willink’s book, Discpline Equals Freedom: Field Manual.

For one thing, it’s a cool ass looking book. The silhouette of Jocko on the front cover is tactical as all hell.

This book is one of the ones that helped me develop a mindset to improve my health, my relationships, my career, my mentality, and my fortitude.

The first section is comprised of some of Jocko’s thoughts to go along with some hard truths.

The second section is more objective and contains workout plans and other concrete steps to get faster, stronger and smarter.

The typeface is rather large, so it’ll be a quick read. You’ll pick up the key points rapidly because Jocko doesn’t bullshit about it.

I recommend this, if for no other reason than as a resource to help galvanize your mind for tough tasks ahead.

Book icon links to Amazon bookstore if you want to order it. Enjoy!

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