The Taxi Story

Several years ago, I took a taxi home one night from a black-tie event at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

Feeling inspired by the elegant Rotunda and having imbibed a few cocktails, I was feeling talkative and a bit philosophical. I was just about to finish business school, was doing objectively well in most phases of life and feeling a bit too good about myself for it. As we headed for my apartment in Adams Morgan, I fell into conversation with the driver.

And he told me the most amazing story.

He immigrated to the US for school. Met a girl. They finished school, started a family, got jobs, bought a house and settled in. He had a great job in the legal world but was away from home a lot. Long story short, he was back for one of his sons’ birthdays when that son refused to give him a hug, feeling he was a relative stranger in his own house. The man was heartbroken.

He quit his job the next day.

He and his wife found a way to make it work. He did part time work for the court system while his kids were in school and drove a cab a few nights a few after they went to sleep.

He said he had never been happier or more sure of what he was doing in his entire life.

Then he asked, “Are the things you want in life the things you actually want, or are they the things you think you should want?”

He went on to say that the most powerful feeling came over him that day when he decided what was important to him and why.

Have you had your decision day?

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