How a Parking Garage Changed My Life. Wait. What?

I met my wife in a parking garage.

WAIT. I promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds. And this story is not really about parking garages. A least not so much about the literal ones.

More on that in a minute, we won’t keep my wife waiting. So yeah, we met in a parking garage. It was a rainy night in Washington, DC and we just finished a running club event (On-On!) when a chance encounter changed everything about our lives.

It made me think. What led me to be in that parking garage?

I had just finished undergrad, moved to a new city and was trying anything and everything have fun, meet new people, and explore the world.

Frontiers were everywhere.

I was open to things that could change my life. I was completely open to opportunities.

I put myself out there.

I said hello to the pretty girl in the Ohio State sweater and now I have two kids and live in Ohio.

That’s some shit.

The whole point is this: going to the unfamiliar place, taking things to a new level at work, saying hello to the cute girl/guy/whatever, posting the essay, pitching the business idea, interviewing for the dream job and everything else like this are all connected by one thing.

It’s skin in the game. It’s getting in the arena. It’s taking your shot. It’s opening yourself up to failure.

But it’s also opening yourself up to victory.

Champions are not made at pep rallies.

Win the day. One damn day at a time.

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