There are no little things. That’s it. That’s the lead-in.

In 1986, a fluctuation of 1/250 of one inch (0.01cm) caused the tragic death of 7 brave people attempting to launch themselves out of Earth’s orbit.

Of course, this is about the Challenger space shuttle disaster. After a full review, it was found that differences in temperature were causing fluctuations in the gap between o-rings in the solid rocket boosters. It was also found that this issue had been raised but was not deemed high enough priority to scrub the launch due to lack of performance testing at low temperatures. An oversight.

Which resulted in the death of 7 very accomplished and extraordinary people.

There are no little things.

The way we talk to our spouses and our friends and neighbors. The way we talk to ourselves. The way we speak to our children and our coworkers and colleagues. It matters.

The way we take care of ourselves. The things we eat. The amount of exercise and rest we get. They all matter.

The attitude we take on at work matters. The emails we send to our teammates matter just as much as those to our customers or those we look up to. The size and quality of our network matters.

The way we practice matters. The way we prepare matters. The things we read, and listen to, and speak about matter.

George Eliot once said, “It will never rain roses: when we want more roses we must plant more roses.”

Did you plant more roses today?

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