The End of the Beginning

Today is the final day of Ship30for30 and with it, the first 30 days of content for this website.

I joined a cohort-based writing course to simply summon the courage to hit the publish button. I figured inertia would then take over. Box checked. So, I’ll be writing and publishing content for the next 500 days. While forming new inspired habits is always a win, the ancillary benefits I found far outweighed the writing part of this experience.

I discovered some things. I found out I’ve been kidding myself in some places. Self-awareness is a precious gift.

When I tried to stick to a plan, the writing was uninspired. It turns out that writing about the same tired tropes is a low-risk, low-reward, low-growth activity. When I started writing fresh everyday based on what I was doing and feeling, the response was night and day, and so was the improvement.

I got better at articulating difficult emotions. I opened up.

Commenting on other’s work was never a strong suit for me. I would read or see something (no matter how badass) and I think “cool” and go about my day. Thinking about feedback for other people and their work also made me think of how my own words could be perceived. I was also reminded of the power of our own words of encouragement to others. Never discount that.

I started feeling things, man.

As I leaned into the community and read more essays from other writers who were just starting out, the most amazing thing happened. I formed legit friendships with people from around the world. It wasn’t just simply learning new ideas; it was fresh perspective on concepts that were already familiar on some level. It wasn’t just surprising. It was a revelation.

Thank you friends and readers.

It’s been a hell of ride y’all. We’ve only just begun.

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