Caller ID: The Remix

A couple weeks ago, my new friend Jeremy Ginn posted a short audio clip titled caller id.

Listen to it here:

I cannot stop thinking about it.

What do people think when my name pops up on the caller id?

Do they smile? Do they groan? Do they even know what to think at all?

In the last couple weeks, I have gone about my days with more intention. At work. At home. With friends. With my children.

Today I went to work with some purpose. My team had been feeling some negativity due to some challenges and changes in our team makeup and environment.

I went to work with the idea that my caller id for the day would say that I showed up, got it done, and made my teammates look good while doing so.

It was one of the most productive and energizing days I’ve had in a long time.

And I made some moves that helped some teammates, including one in particular who’d had a rough day.

So, who showed up on the caller id today?

Was it the kind of person I want to be regarded as?

Was it someone just going through the motions, or was it someone moving confidently in the direction of their goals?

What do people think of when your name pops up on the caller id?

Is it the reaction you want?

And if it wasn’t, what are you going to do about it?

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