Lost But Now Found

As the sun rises on the new cohort, perhaps it’s time to reassess my starting point.

Until 6 weeks ago, I had not shared any meaningful content for years.

I thought I had a plan going into the 30 days, I had dozens of yellow post-it notes on my basement wall. The first few days were energizing and exciting. Then the motivation wore off and we had to power through until discipline could be counted upon to take up the slack.

I made it thirty days. Then decided to post content for 500 straight days and haven’t looked back.

But something else happened. The fundamental aim of Ship30 is to ship. To post. To do the damn thing.

I have been an epic procrastinator my entire life. This cohort changed this.

In addition to the writing, I read more than I have in years. I engaged more. First with “strangers” on the internet. And as I leaned into the writing community I had found by accident, I made sure to engage more with the other people in my life.

I got moved into a higher responsibility, higher visibility role at work. And started getting after it from Day 1.

I started a website, learned basic WordPress, ran 45 miles, won a golf tournament with my father-in-law, and hopefully helped a good friend get his life back on track as I had to do last year for myself.

And during it all, my wife traveled for work for half the month. With our two young children, it’s an added layer of challenges, but the very best kind.

I am le tired.

It was also one of the most rewarding and motivating months I’ve had in my entire life.

And I am hungry for more.

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