Running in the Sand

I spent a weekend away with my wife (left the kids with grandparents – thank y’all so much) in Fort Lauderdale.

It was a wild weekend to say the least.

We have two young children. We had great meals and talked about our kids the entire time. Then we took naps.

I suppose we also swam in the Atlantic Ocean, rode bikes along the beach, ate great Cuban food and Argentinian empanadas (sorry to my Chileno amigos), noshed truly fresh seafood with family and pet a sloth (for realz).

One morning we went for a run on the beach.

We ran a few miles, but it seemed like a much longer run. Probably because running in the sand is hard, every step you take your feet sink two inches into the ground.

Forward progress is inefficient. Kind of like life sometimes.

For a long time, progress for me seemed like running in the sand. Laborious. Always two steps forward and one step back, if I was even making forward progress at all.

Over the last year, I decided what was important to me and why.

I got healthy in body and in mind. I’m working on the spirit part.

It so simple, but I seemingly forgot for so long.

Align your actions and processes with your values and your vision and see the path become clear.

It no longer seems like I’m running in the sand. Every step forward gives me the traction, the momentum and the motivation to take the next. And the next. And the next.

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