Gardening Puns Included, But Not About Gardening

Today went about as expected.

In which it was a massive triumph. Plot twist!

The vacation did what it was supposed to.

Coming back to work after a short yet rejuvenating vacation, I felt like I had some mojo back.

Earlier in the month, I spent a great deal of time working deals that would be slow in closing. It may have been Freudian, but I also referenced a George Eliot quote in an earlier essay about how “If we want more roses, we must plant more roses.”

Now that I have the written record about what I was thinking and feeling that day/week, I can better diagnose what was at play here.

I was doing well in planting those seeds that would result in good things later, but I still wanted credit for it, so I dressed my whining up in a clever quote and happily went back to my passive aggression.

My friends must find me infuriating and pedantic at times. Maybe you do too.

Even after spending the last year remaking my physical, mental and emotional health I am still hesitant to fully trust an elegantly planned process. My mind still goes from execution of process to expectation of results far too quickly.

But it’s okay.

A month ago, I didn’t even have a process to overestimate results from in the first place.

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