The Best 4th of July Party I Ever Went to was in Santiago, Chile

My brother and I went to Chile one summer. Ostensibly to learn to snowboard and take Spanish classes.

We completely missed on the snowboarding and had a so-so record on the classes on account of the World Cup going on (fault was entirely our own). We did have a great time however and made friends from all over the world. Speaking of that:

The international students all threw a 4th of July party because international students need very little excuse for a party. It was dope.

Celebrating a solely American holiday among a crowd that is mostly non-American was a trip to say the least.

We toasted to folk heroes like John Henry, Paul Bunyan and Daniel Boone. We clinked our glasses to the Battered Bastards of Bastogne and the defenders of The Alamo.

We sang the Star-Spangled Banner because we are obnoxious and extra.

Everyone being good sports cheered like madmen for these toasts.

It made for excellent Spanish practice however as we then had to explain who these folk figures were to our completely unfamiliar hosts. Despite this, their zeal was impressive and only added to an already unique and different energy.

The end of the party was hilarious and hazy and I almost got in a fight with my brother that night because boys will be boys and all.

In the hit show “The Sopranos”, Tony said “Remember when” is the lowest form of conversation. It’s one of my favorite times with my brother. Nothing low about that.

Fun fact: I ran into the guy that hosted the party years later in an empanada shop in DC. I only just now realized the irony.

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