Achieve Anything. Say “F” the Zero

Do you want to get something done? Work on it every day. All you have to do is do it.

Have no tolerance for “zero” days; those days when you make no progress.

Consider your goals:

You want to get stronger? Do things to make yourself stronger. Do something. Can’t make it to the gym? Do pushups, do situps, do dips.

Want to lose weight and get more fit? We know how. Eat better. Exercise more. You don’t have to change everything, just make marginally better decisions.

Are you drinking or smoking too much? Gambling too much? Has your coke habit given you one giant vampire bat nostril? Go one day without. Then go another.

Want to get promoted at work? Bring it every day. Want to be a writer? Write every day. Want to be a better parent, a better spouse or partner, a better friend? Be present in your interactions, every day.

The smallest action defeats glorious inaction every time.

And if you can translate those small actions into meaningful progress every day, you will be amazed at how quickly some of your goals come within reach.

We are remarkable creatures of habit. One reason Ship30 works so effectively is that we quickly create emotional reactions with “streaks”. Once you have a consecutive day streak established, it’s tough to lose that. Nobody enjoys losing things that matter to them.

So don’t.

Don’t stop doing the things that are helping you get where you want to be. Realize we cannot do everything. We must decide what to put our energies into. Then get into it.

Begin. And then find a way to keep it going.

In most things, it doesn’t really matter what day we are on, be it our first day or our thousandth day.

The fact that it’s not day zero means we are in the arena.

It could be the day that changes everything.

Besides, fuck the zero.

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