I Am Now 2 Months Into “Finding the Others”

Sun Tzu once wrote that “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

It’s now been 61 days since I embarked on this journey.

I have written about a great many more topics than I originally thought I would. I shared more than I thought I would. I connected more than I thought I would. I’ve enjoyed the experience more than I thought I would. I dislike the “grind” less than I thought I would.

Before this I’d never been part of an online community. And I realize I’ve been missing out. I’ve connected with people who have given me inspiration, support, new knowledge and even hope. If you are reading this, you are likely part of that. Thank you.

It’s an exciting time to be a human.

The repository of human knowledge is available to us at our fingertips. And yet, most people choose to ignore this.

But not here. And that gives me hope.

One of my greatest fears as a parent was bringing children into a world that is set up to fail them.

Meeting, interacting with, and learning from people via Twitter and specifically Ship30for30 has been a triumph.

I’ve also gained confidence. I’ve developed skills in web design, SEO and multi-platform distribution; things I never thought would enter my lexicon. I’ve developed a bias towards action that is bleeding over into other aspects of my life. Goals that I once thought preposterous now seem reachable and achievable.

And it’s only been two months. Damn.

Find the others indeed.

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