Why You Should Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

Shark Week was big news at my office, you know, before all the Covid stuff.

It just ended this past weekend and I watched not a single moment of it.

I used to love it.

I’m lucky enough to like the people I work with and discussing the shenanigans from Shark Week was a hot topic and daily ritual in years past.

We even got shark hats a few years back to commemorate.

It was an eerie feeling Going back to our building a few months ago to retrieve some office items. The building was dark and quiet; depleted. Our shark hats still perched atop those cubicle walls waiting for their owners to return.

It made me stop and think of the bigger picture.

Hold dear what makes you happy today. Cherish it. Be thankful for it. Preserve it, if you can.

Things can change quickly in our lives.

Live every week like it’s Shark Week.

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