In May 2020 I reached an inflection point that would resurrect everything important to me. I had to flip the script or lose the things that mattered to me.

Something happened to me last year.

I was unhealthy. Overweight. My diet was trash. My exercise regimen forgotten about. I was drinking too much, staying up late playing video games and going down YouTube rabbit holes.

I was also unhappy about all of this; I just couldn’t articulate that. I was a piss poor version of myself. And nobody could do anything about it.

Until one day I got tired of it. I got tired of feeling badly all the time. I got tired of being a drag on the people around me. I got tired of wasting everything.

One of the most encouraging facts about life is the simple fact that action can change our lives in an instant.

I started running. Slowly at first. I started golfing and walking. I started gardening. I started reading again. I started writing. I put effort into listening and being more present.

I started showing up again. But something was different this time. Instead of just showing up, I finished.

Things changed. Some things changed rapidly. Others took time. So it goes.

And then I rediscovered something I had forgotten about myself.

I got tired of being average because I knew that’s not what I was.

Since then, things have gotten exciting again. Getting healthy after being lost in the Wilderness reminded me that triumph and possibility exist in our lives, no matter where we stand.

All you have to do is flip the script.

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