My Personal Rosetta Stone

On day 71, I found something I had been looking for all along.

With the help of some good people I met on Twitter through Ship30for30, that something I found was the reason I’m here.

When I started writing online, I somehow harbored these unearned delusions of grandeur that my audience was just waiting for me to show up. I also thought this audience was made up of young, rich, jet-setting parents living a carefree life on the primrose path. Whoever the fuck those people are.

But that’s not me. The truth is I’m a guy in Ohio doing his best to be a father to two young boys and a husband to a beautiful and wonderful woman. I have a good job and an interesting enough career, but it’s nothing too spectacular and I’m not wealthy.

At 38 years old I’m running pain and injury free for the first time in 15 years. My golf handicap is a very average 22. I still kill lots of plants by accident in the garden. I’m also 72 days into writing online and I still suck.

But every day, I am getting a little bit better.

I’m here because I almost threw it all away.

I am not special. But I was going down a dark path and changed.

Maybe you had a bad day. Maybe you’ve lost sight of what is important to you. Maybe you’ve lost your way entirely.

If you slipped up in your life, or maybe you lost track of time for a decade, or maybe you just feel like something is holding you back; don’t beat yourself up about it anymore.

Get started on the solution.

Because I can tell you from experience; it’s all still there if you want it.

Come with me.

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