Keep Seeking Uncharted Waters

Human beings are travelers and explorers and foragers and hunters. For millennia, our desire to roam free and push boundaries played well with how our world was set up.

Frontiers were everywhere.

Today, our physical frontiers seem farther away. 574 people from 41 countries have been to space. We are sending sophisticated robots to map distant planets and moons

And yet, barely more than a hundred years ago, humans had not yet invented powered flight. Now, commercial air travel is routine for many people around the world.

The availability of the best of everything, all the time, right now has blunted our ability to dream and think beyond ourselves.

We’ve gotten so busy trying to save the entire world on our phones that we’ve forgotten how to ask our neighbors how their fucking day went. The wonders of our age have blinded us.

One glance at rising statistics like rates of depression, suicide and mental illness tell us all we need to know about how we are doing collectively.

So what do we do?

Seek out the frontiers. The frontiers within.

Assess who you are. Assess what you are good at and what you are not good at. Come to terms with what you are afraid of.

Be okay with all of this. Learn to leverage those strengths and marginalize the weaknesses. Seek discomfort and uncertainty.

And then get to work.

Discovery comes from being in uncharted water.

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