Want to Have a Memorable Day? Surprise Yourself.

Today was some shit.

I busted out a big sales goal for the last two months by grinding it out and keeping the faith in my process.

I got the final call to put me over the mark at 6:15pm tonight, and I’m not ashamed to say I teared up a little bit.

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. My eight-month-old has had a cold all week and the lack of sleep is taking its toll on mama and me. Not to mention, I think said cold has now been successfully transmitted to us parents. So it goes.

Maybe It was about setting an ambitious stretch goal and then achieving it.

Maybe it’s the difference in expectations and results. I’ve been a great talker my entire life. And sometimes that great talk gets backed up. And sometimes it hasn’t. Lately however that trend is starting to reverse.

Maybe it’s a difference in mindset. One big reason for that?

Writing online.

Sharing my thoughts online has made me less afraid of failure. It’s also made me less afraid of success. It’s reinforced the value of doing the work every day. It’s been a lesson in not seeking perfection but seeking progress. It’s been humbling and it’s been uplifting.

And it’s starting to carry over into other aspects of my life. Which I never expected.

Talking about my life online has increased my accountability. The community I have found has inspired me to be a better version of myself.

Today I surprised myself and the put the cherry on top of a big goal that took every working minute of the month.

This one was for you dear reader. Thank you for inspiring me to reach higher.

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