Vacation Frustration Blues

Despite being on vacation, I felt a lot of frustration today.

Maybe it’s the sick infant. Maybe it’s that said sick infant transmitted a cold to momma and me. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep over the last couple weeks from sick babies, work deadlines and everything else that seems to stack up.

I mainly felt frustration today by not being the best version of myself.

Because when you are on the path, any day not won seems like a missed opportunity.

Because momentum is a cruel mistress.

But maybe on days like today I just need to remind myself that it’s okay to not win them all. In the real world, it’s probably not even possible if we are honest with ourselves. Given a long enough timeline, we are all going to take an “L” eventually.

A few months ago, having a day where I wasn’t feeling the best would have meant a certain lapse in writing, publishing and posting.

But here’s the thing: that person is fading away. That person who procrastinated on even the things that would be beneficial to my life is being left behind.

Because of days like today.

When I didn’t feel great. When things didn’t come easily and when I didn’t always have the right answer or the right attitude.

But tomorrow is another day.

And I’ll be ready to answer the bell.

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