The Count and Why It Counts

In the last eleven weeks of writing and sharing online, I’ve not yet come close to saying screw it.

Until today.

I’m still not feeling well, a bummer enough in normal life, but doubly so on vacation.

My energy sucks.

My patience runs dry too quickly.

My attitude is iffy at best.

The wifi is questionable.

Weak excuses. All of them.

I try to live my life by not complaining and making no excuses. Sometimes I am really bad at this. Some days I feel like I have discovered the secret to all success in life.

So it goes.

This one today is all inertia. Habitual. On most nights once everyone goes to bed, a Pavlovian response takes over now and I get ready to write and share goings on from the day that was or whatever I happened to be thinking about.

My count stands at 78 days, not including today.

To be fair, it’s an arbitrary number, but it’s taken on meaning for me. Which has been surprising. It means something totally different than when the count was at 5 days, or at 50 days for that matter.

I’ve met amazing people and learned so much. I’ve gained confidence and courage with every day and every new connection made. I’ve realized I have it so good.

And I am gracious for that knowledge.

And I am gracious for this stupid streak that has shown me enlightenment I never anticipated.

Keep going when it gets hard. You’ll be glad you did.

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