The Journey Continues…

After avoiding the streak-buster yesterday, I feel rejuvenated.

It was like working out when you just don’t feel like.

Meaning it was harder to get started, harder to execute in the moment and you don’t even feel that great about the work you did after the fact.

And then the sun comes up the next day.

And you are still on the path.

And the work you did the day before, even if it wasn’t your best, still got you closer to that ideal state.

Except it’s just a little bit different now.

Because you faced down another adversary.

Maybe it was laziness. Maybe it was complacency. Maybe it was simply rejecting your status quo.

I used to shy away from difficult things.

Writing every day is helping me face those obstacles.

In the end , the number of days isn’t what matters.

What matters is who we become through these pursuits.

As for me, I rather like this version of myself with the positive action bias. And I just wasn’t ready to give up the streak.

Today is Day 80.

Let’s fucking go.

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