Why Vacations Matter Now Even More Than Ever

It takes a couple days to decompress and actually get into vacation mode these days.

I know. First world problems.

The absolute truth of it is I’ve always taken these for granted.

But I shouldn’t. And neither should you.

Think about it. Why do we take vacations?

We take vacations for mental timeouts. To get rest and physical rejuvenation. To reset our sense of direction and refuel our capacity to chase our most important goals and objectives.

We need these respites from our daily routines.

Now more than ever I would wager.

Events of the last eighteen months around the world have left us frazzled, tired and uncertain of where to turn or who to trust.

When we are young we like to throw around trite clichés like needing to find oneself. It’s nice to say, but what does it really mean? Do we really need online quizzes to to find out what color our aura is or what our spirit fern could be?

Perhaps we are simply asking the wrong questions and the answers we truly seek are all around us.

What brings us joy? What keeps us healthy? What brings us fulfillment? What about self-actualization? What about peace?

Maybe we should spend more time asking the types of questions where if we find the answers it can improve all our tomorrows?

Take a vacation. Change scenery. Heal yourself. Ask better questions. Find better answers. Live triumphantly.

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