That Sad Trip Home After a Good Vacation

Today we made that sad trip home after a good vacation.

The ones you don’t want to end but can’t wait to return from.

You can’t wait to return because you got what you needed.

You feel reinvigorated. Ready to get after with a fresh attitude and a renewed spirit.

The temporary slights have been forgotten, replaced by permanent memories of family and laughter.

More challenges will come, things will test your patience. And soon.

But today, you are thankful for the time you had. The mental images of your family amidst merriment and silliness are good for the soul.

Good things happen when you feed your soul with noble and happy memories.

As for me, I got some clarity I long sought.

I forgot my laptop charger and so work was out for the week (so was the out-of-office notice since I didn’t get it done before the battery died so we will deal with that one tomorrow) (sorry for long parenthesis).

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t done that in some time. My job is not save-the-world important. What inflated sense of self-important nonsense have I been feeding myself all this time?

Anyway, given the reduction in things to worry about, I found myself thinking more. I found myself thinking about trips I took with my parents when I was young. And how everything was new and exciting and fun.

My oldest is reaching that time when he’ll start to remember these things very soon. Some of his core memories of his parents and his childhood.

Keep being brave, curious and sweet little dude and this life can have anything you want for it.

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