Our Ideal Growing Conditions

Earlier in the spring, I transplanted a unique-looking Hostas plant from the edge of my yard (woods) into a pot.

It caught my attention because it was unlike the rest of the ornamental plants lining my flower beds.

And now, a few months later, it’s grown a five-foot tall tower of purple flowers.

In its previous spot, the poor plant would have never had the ability to blossom that way.

It never received the requisite sunlight or rainfall, and it certainly didn’t have enough space to put on a show like that.

This silly little plant got me thinking.

All that changed were the growing conditions. Better soil, greater access to essential nutrients, more space to grow and a little bit more love was all it took to take a humble yard plant and turn it into something special.

What do our personal growing conditions look like in our lives? Are they optimized? Are they conducive to growth in the first place? Are they toxic even?

When our progress slows or stalls, do we examine our environment as much as our thoughts, actions and routines? Perhaps we should.

We must be willing to change our environment to match our goals.

It might just be the only thing holding us back.

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