Why Best Friends Make Life Better

Today marked another sad trip home after a good vacation.

This time around, it was a few days spent in the sun with the dudes I grew up with.

And I missed my babies something terrible.

But it was cathartic in its own ways.

Because it seems the older I get, the more I appreciate the things I loved when I was young.

And as I’ve grown up and moved through the world, I’ve realized that my childhood and upbringing were so good.

Until I married into a large family, I’ve never lived near my cousins and extended family.

But I did grow up with eight other men who have known each for almost our entire lives.

The friends I grew up with are as much a part of who I am and who I’ve become as anything else.

And in a world where things seem more superficial and shallower by the day, enduring friendships are even more special than before. As our world becomes ever more cacophonous and demanding on our attention, it can seem like a loud dance club, where we feel like the center of attention, but nobody is really with us or can hear us.

Hold on to your childhood friends if you can still stand them. Relentlessly develop new friendships and find the people that inspire you, hold you accountable and make you better.

There are a million articles and books on success and what makes us successful. While any measurement of this to me potentially falls short I do know one thing:

Get some good friends and reap the benefits for the rest of your days.

Happy Saturday.

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