Closer to the Ideal Day

You know those ideal day exercises that are so popular?

I feel like I got kind of close today.

First, I picked up my little dudes from camp and school. The littlest one is sick again, so he’s not having a great time. He’s still a sweet little baby though and I didn’t mind picking them up early.

I went back to work (read as basement office) and put away 14% of monthly quota this afternoon.

Then I hit the golf course with some good friends. Early afternoon rains cooled it down, and it ended up being a beautiful afternoon to walk nine holes.

Mis en place done earlier, my wife whipped up lettuce wraps and salad for dinner and we watched trashy TV. For one night a week, we watch Below Deck. For the unacquainted, it’s a show about yacht crew members on Bravo. It’s not high-brow. It is entertaining however.

Then I finished the essay for today and posted to Twitter and Instagram and the website.

After that, I got to read some great essays from talented other shippers and creators.

I got some pushups and core exercises in. I got a good stretch. “Meditation” happened. I still suck at meditation, but what I can do seems to be helpful.

I suppose the day didn’t involve attending the theater or eating pho, but it was damn close to an ideal day.

And in the end, when I wake up tomorrow, I will be healthier, wealthier and wiser than the person that woke up today.

What a life…

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