A Setback that Never Was

Yesterday I wrote about how I’d had a pretty good day.

But upon waking up today, there was no ticker-tape parade to celebrate the progress of yesterday.

Momentum can be a cruel mistress.

There were no great victories during work.

No major life problems were solved.

Meaningful progress was not sustained or achieved.

I had a nice night with my kids and made a dinner of chicken scampi pasta with my wife.


But after the bravado of yesterday, was it enough?

I didn’t think so either.

So I got my stuff and went on a run.

As I ran in the quiet darkness, I started to gain more and more confidence with every step I took.

And it was there, about 2 miles in, where enlightenment was found.

Because I remembered that eating right and working out brings me closer to being the type of person that has those near-perfect days more often.

Because good begets good.

Because discipline can set us free.

Because I knew I would be here later writing about my day.

And writing every day in public makes me more accountable.

Bring it on.

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