How Writing Online for 100 Days Changed Everything

Holy shit. 100 days.

Maybe it’s time to take stock of what I’ve lost and gained over the last three months.

For starters, I made legit friends with badass people from around the world. It cannot be overstated how cool this is.

Next, I gained a writing habit. A legit habit.

This habit, and I write it about it all the time now, has catalyzed other positive actions that have since become habits as well.

Good begets good.

The clarity that comes with organizing your thoughts every day is unmatched to any other experience I have had in my life to this point.

Some days it flows, some days it’s a struggle. Some days it’s cathartic. Some days it’s junk.

So it goes. So life goes.

Overall, I’m clearer than ever about my priorities, goals and motivations. Clarity is such a powerful ally, as it allows us to marshal the best of our skills and abilities in the pursuit of our most important aspirations.

I write about philosophical dad stuff.

I write about gardening and gardening metaphors. That one comes in as a complete surprise.

And I write about how a period of unhealthiness almost cost me the things that matter most.

The transition from consumer to creator is nothing short of incredible. If you know, you know.

Onward to 500 and beyond. I’m not throwin’ away my shot.

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