Why the Myth of the Overnight Success Should Piss You Off

We have been led to believe that fame and fortune are just a Google search away.

The media loves to tell stories of “overnight” successes.

We highlight accomplishments, not process. We laud people for their dedication to winning while their intense dedication to prepare is often ignored.

The big secret is there is no big secret, the shortcut is a lie.

Most things in life only reveal their most useful facets after years of hard work, study and practice.

But here is the catch:

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room. You don’t have to be the fastest to win every race. You don’t have to be the most educated, or the strongest, or the most handsome or the best dressed.

There are countless examples of unrealized genius and numberless examples of people not coming out on top despite being the most talented.

We must simply have enough talent to get our foot in the door.

But beware.

Whatever skills and abilities we possess or think we possess, there are others out there with those talents in elite proportions. In order to compete with the elite in this case, we must cultivate an elite work ethic.

But once we are in the arena, success can largely depend on attitude, energy, creativity, preparation and work ethic.

And the best part of all is this: We are in complete control of each of these.

It is truly up to us.

If we want to have cool moments in our lives, we must work for them to happen. Awards, recognition, honors and admiration are not evenly or randomly given.

They are distributed on the basis on having earned it. Period.

Go earn it.

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