I Think These Are My Good Old Days

If we are lucky, we’ll one day look back upon our lives and think about the good times.

Memories, pictures, and visions will come to mind.

We’ll likely smile softly and then we’ll feel sad to some degree, knowing these days are now gone.

I got up early with my little kids today. They both slept well last night, so they were full of good energy at 6am.

So it goes.

I knocked out an unsavory yard project early. While it was hot and draining all the same, it felt good to get that checked off early on.

My dog smelled like the Great Depression. So, he got a bath today. Which then led to all the boys getting a bath.

So it goes.

Over the course of the day, I probably hit 100 shots in my backyard with a new golf club. This was good practice that will translate to improved results if I can keep it up.

I ate great BBQ for lunch. We had a family trip to get ice cream. Followed by great Thai for dinner.

We went swimming at my in-laws. They live close, which is an absolute game-changer to have extra hands from time to time. They are amazing.

My wife and I sat outside watching the sunset and listening to music after putting our precious children to bed.

As we sat there telling funny stories about our kids today, our when the dog fell in the pool, I felt so much gratitude for the multitude of blessings in my life. My life is so rich, thank you for being part of it.

I think these are my good old days.

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