What a Survival Reality Show Taught Me About Celebrating Small Wins

The History Channel survival show, Alone, pits contestants against the elements to test their survival skills in extreme conditions. Although these folks are survival experts, after some time in the wilderness they are all struggling in some area.

One theme shines through time and again to me, when they achieve some small victory, they are the most gracious people you have ever seen. They exult in those small wins.

For them, that small win means actual survival.

It means another day.

Another chance to change everything.

When I personally think back on the month of August, there have been lots of small victories to build on.

I started a new recurring investment in Apple for every market day. It’s not wild, but it’s another way to slowly creep up the savings rate.

I ran 18 miles. That number is a bit down. On the other hand, my overall movement metrics are up because I played 63 holes of golf and 108 holes of disc golf.

I went on a bro trip to the beach with my best friends. We ate well. We swam in the Atlantic Ocean. We talked about our kids and wives. I love those dudes. They make me a better man.

My wife got an exciting new professional opportunity, and we were both able to spend time with our kids at the end of the summer as one goes to school and the other to daycare.

I knocked out another big sales goal at work and have some serious momentum going on.

And, I crossed the 100 consecutive day mark in writing online. I keep saying it, but only because I can still scarcely believe it; writing every day is a big driver of this current growth process.

Celebrate your small wins.

Then go get more.

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