How Data Helped Me Lose 55 Pounds (25kg) Last Year

The day that I decided to do something about this was May 6, 2020.

I guess when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.

While washing my hands, I caught a glimpse of this person in the mirror and knew something had to change.

I went on a “run” that afternoon.

It was awful. I had not run in probably two years. I could barely do a mile.

At that weight and after a long period of neglect to take my health seriously, even a mile was punishing.

One big thing that got me through the early part of getting back into shape was data.

If you are starting a new fitness routine, buy a fitness tracker to monitor your progress.

For me starting from such a low fitness level ended up being oddly beneficial to some degree.

Even on the days when it was hard to get motivated.

Every run was the best I’d had in years.

And I had the data to prove it.

Every workout contributed to meaningful and measurable progress towards a better version of myself.

As my weight decreased along with my mile times; my VO2 max, confidence and ability to run further distances all increased quickly.

And I watched it happen. With each and every workout.

This was motivating AF.

And it kept me going when it was cold, or raining, or hot, or whatever.

I knew each rep made a difference.

Get the data. Make the changes. Change your data. Change your life.

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